In this research area, expert practitioners present a compilation of methods of functional data analysis (often referred to as “systems biology”) and its applications in drug discovery, medicine, and basic disease research. It covers such important issues as the elucidation of protein, compound and gene interactions, as well as analytical tools, including networks, interactome and ontologies, and clinical applications of functional analysis. As a volume in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series, this work provides detailed description and hands-on implementation advice. Reputable, comprehensive, and cutting-edge, Biological Networks and Pathway Analysis presents both “wet lab” experimental methods and computational tools in order to cover a broad spectrum of issues in this fascinating new field.

We will describe that what’s interesting about these genes and where they involve in human DNA. When I will start work on data overload thousands and more biological data just like genome and proteins have collected, and often translation genes and molecule

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